Building apps is risky and costs too much.
Our choices of technology mixed with our small, local teams
just works.
Leave us the tech, so you can become your customer’s hero.

Let us buy you a craft beer or artisan coffee for 30 minutes.
Psssssttt: We have a no jargon garauntee


Like solving any puzzle, good solutions start with good understanding.


Finding the right solution often isn't obvious. Getting feedback and adapting are important.


Our name in Greek is partnership. We succeed by providing real value to you.


In Greek, philía (φιλία) stands for “affectionate regard, friendship,” usually between equals. We are dedicated to performing, and getting results while still maintaining a respectful and empowering relationship with you.


Jono Stiansen


Jono’s corporate experiences led to the creation of Philia Software. Philia originally did high-tech solutions to complex software problems, but Jono quickly realized some of the greatest impact often comes from improving day-to-day processes.

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